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The C.O.Friction Tester can measure Static COF from a resting position and continue to move testing surfaces in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic COF result.  The C.O.Friction Tester employs a moving sled with a stationary table. The table has a clamping system preventing slippage of the test piece during a test. The sled is lowered onto the table by means of an elevator system, which places the sled so as both test surfaces meet simultaneously, eliminating any operator error, which may influence the results of the test.

The accurate COF data obtained by using the C.O.Friction Tester aids in assessing problem situations such as:

Roll winding problems. E.g.: crepe wrinkles, dishing, telescoping.

Web tracking problems and print misregister.

No feed or multiple feed during sheet feeding. E.g.: printing, envelopes or cartons.

Registration errors in diecutting or converting.

Corrugator runnability problems of several kinds.

Sliding on conveyor when product should not, or vice versa.

Stack or Pallet stability. e.g.: cartons, sheets, sacks, printed material.