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Z-Span 2400

The Pulmac Automated Z-Span™ Tester offers an automated zero and short span testing capability. Once the sample handsheets or strip is loaded onto the feed tray, 24 wet/ dry, zero/short span tests are executed during a five minute testing sequence. Following termination of the testing sequence, test results are displayed on the operator interface terminal and, via Ethernet connection, can automatically update a local PC-based Excel database. The Automated Z-Span Tester is calibrated and control software is loaded as part of in-factory system integration.

Plug & Play technology: This automated, bench-top zero-span tester is delivered to the customer factory-calibrated and ready-to-go after a very quick unpacking and re-assembly procedure. Its simple menu-driven touch-screen operator interface allows the rapid, precise, and repeatable generation of key Pulmac fibre quality numbers.

  • Instrument Quality Air: 60i/m at 10 bar
  • 10mm Slip fitting for air supply
  • 240V, 50Hz
  • Shipping Specs (skid): Height: 65cm x Width: 110cm x Depth: 65cm @ Weight: 105kg