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Both under-mixing and over-mixing increase costs of manufacturing processes. The Carbon Black Dispersion Tester applies advanced reflected light microscopy and digital image processing techniques to provide a quick, easy, precise, and non-subjective carbon black macrodispersion assessment for rubber compounds.

  • Image input
  • Super bright LED
  • Grey level analysis 
  • Bi-level analysis
  • Particle and Dispersion analysis

Different positions of the specimen could be sampled per the user, and the average of multiple readings would be calculated for better dispersion assessment.  Test results can be exported to Microsoft Excel format. Users are able to edit or delete the saved data if authorized.  Each testing results and captured image can be stored automatically.

  • Electrical Requirements: 110V 2A or 220V 1.2A
  • PC System: IBM compatible PC with Windows 7, Pre-installed U-CAN dispersion analysis software, 19” LCD colour screen, Colour printer
  • Magnification: 100X
  • Light Source: Super bright LED
  • Dimensions: L: 420 x W: 200 x H: 380mm
  • Environment: 10°C to 40°C non-condensing