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Coefficient of Friction Tester - Standard

The standard C0055-M1 unit can measure Static COF (peak)  from a resting position and continue to move testing surfaces in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic COF (dynamic) Result. This model features a stationary sled with a moving plane and also comes with the option of computer software to record data. Peel Testing can also be carried out on this unit.


  • Force Range: 1-10N (1 x 0.001kgF)
  • Friction Function: Static & Kinetic
  • Speed: 150mm/min
  • Sled Size: 63mm x 63mm
  • Plane: 150mm x 300mm
  • Travel Distance: 220mm
  • Communication: USB
  • Cutting Templates Included: 1 x Sled, 1 x Moving Plane

The C0055 range also has the option of a computer software package to record data including:

  • Dynamic real-time display
  • Statistical analysis
  • Results averaging  
  • Screen print out
  • Data export to Excel
  • Test identification entry
  • Peak force value
  • Static Point
  • Kinetic average
  • Adjustable data collection limits 

Other options include:

  • C0055-OP1: COF Data Acquisition Software (not available for rent)
  • C0055-OP2: 180° Peel Fixture Rod C0055-SP1: Updated COF Software (only if C0055-OP1 has been previously purchased) 
  • C0055-SP2: IDM Interface Cable 
  • C0055-SP3: Cutting Template for Sled: 63.5mm x 63.5mm 
  • C0055-SP4: Cutting Template for Moving Plane 
  • C0055-SP5: Solid Connecting Rod 
  • C0055-SP6: COF Sled 200g 
  • C0055-SP7: Spare Stainless Steel Plane Surface  

C0055-M2 Variable Speed Model

C0055-M3 Variable Speed & Heated Platen Model

Flexible packaging, metal, Printing, Coatings, Composites, Linoleum, Foils, Paper, Plastics, Rubber
• ASTM D1894 • ASTM D2534 (Coefficient of Kinetic Friction for Wax Coatings) • ASTM D3330 (Peel Adhesion for Pressure Sensitive Tape 180°) • ASTM D4521 (COF for Corrugated/Fibreboard) • ASTM F88 (Seal Strength for Flexible Barrier Material) • ISO 8295 (COF for Plastics) • TAPPI 549 • TAPPI T816 (COF for Corrugated and Paperboard) • TAPPI T549 (COF for Uncoated Writing & Printing Paper) • Optional - ISO 8295
• Reliable Brand • Easy to operate • Fast and accurate results • Accessories and spare parts readily available