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EJA Vantage 10

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EJA Vantage 10

The EJA Vantage 10 is the highest capacity tester in the Vantage Series, providing up to 10 kN (2000 lb) of  tension/compression  force.  The  EJA  Vantage  10 has fully integrated system electronics and software controls eliminating the complications of interfacing with  external  control  boxes  or  additional  PC  cards.

The EJA Vantage is controlled via a serial interface connection between the tester and any standard PC or laptop.  A magnetic test control keypad also provides convenient access to basic test functions.

MAP™ Software provides powerful capabilities for defi ning complex motion control and enabling unlimited test methods. MAP automatically generates a real-time curve, performs statistical analysis and exports results to database management packages including Access™ and Excel™.