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The IDM Foam Compression Tester is used for determining the deflection force of flexible cellular polyurethane.   The ILD or IFD of flexible cellular polyurethane is a common test, as per ASTM, ISO, AS, BS international standards. 

This instrument offers a variety of software features that allows programming of many parameters, using the Universal Tester program developed by IDM Instruments Pty Ltd®.  This software package allows the operator to conduct a large range of tests with an almost limitless array of test parameters and displayed test information when used with a compatible PC Test Configurations are prepared for each test type.  This procedure is then fully automated.

The test scripts as well as the operating parameters are entered in the Configuration Panel to run a test.  Values including the test type, sample piece, sample size, standard reference and many more values can all be entered and also saved to be retrieved at a later stage. 

The Software Program for the Foam  ompression Tester is automatic.  Once the Test Configuration menu has been programmed, “Start” button is pressed, initiating the test.  The results of the test are displayed on the PC in real time.  They can then be saved and/or printed for later use.