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The Foam Constant Load Pounding Machine is used for the determination of loss in thickness and loss in hardness of flexible cellular materials intended for use in upholstery.

This test provides a means of assessing the service performance of flexible cellular materials of the latex and polyurethane types used in load-bearing upholstery.  The test can be performed on both standard size test pieces cut from stock material and to shaped components.  The principle of the test is repeated indention of a test piece by the indentor, smaller in area than the test piece, the maximum load reached during each cycle being 750N, and running the machine for 80,000 continuous load cycles. 

The platen is raised to pound against the circular indentor.  A set of weights are fixed on top of the indentor to give a repetitive load against the sample.  The sample area is fully enclosed, with safety switches put in place so all operation is ceased if the door is opened, ensuring no harm come to operators.