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The HV-10 is a laboratory beater used for pilot beating of pulps in the Q.C. (quality control) and R&D (research and development) of pulps.

Its high capacity and its sturdy design also allows its use in small production lines of special papers and boards.

The knoves of the beating roll and the bedplate are stainless steel made and have adjustable contact pressure by means of intergrated precise balance.

* Operates with mass consistency from 4 to 10%; * Beater tub made of cast-iron with 10L capacity, protected internally against corrosion with high resistant epoxy hard coating, with inspection windows and bascule access door; * Pressure between beating roll and bedplate adjusted by precision integrated balance, with stainless steel knives and counter knives; * Heavy duty 5.5 kW (7.5 HP), 1750 rpm, IP 55 drive motor; * Transmission made by heavy duty pulley ensures that the beating roll is driven constantly with 547 rpm and relative cutting speed of 10 m/s between stainless steel knives and counter-knives; * Closed beating loop driven by the refiner itself has lower collection point for beaten pulp and a cooling system on the beating tub's lid, ensuring that all the pulp is refined homogenously while it is circulating; * Start system offers high torque start and high revolution operation which enables the equipment to be started even fully loaded; * Heavy duty supporting structure made of welded structural steel profiles for direct fixation of the beater on the ground floor.
Power supply 220 VCA, 60 Hz, 5.5 kW, three phase. Others available under request. * Water supply 3 bar, clean, pure, 2.0 m3/h * Drainage point required * Dimensions (1600 x 750 x 1300) mm (W x L x H) * Weight 545 kg * Optional accessories: Filter for water inlet model GS 200UV - 5L/min according to ISO 14487