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EZ-Cup Vapometer

The  Vapometer  is  used  for  determining  the  water  vapor permeability  of  sheet  materials  such  as  specialty  paper grades, polyethylene, building material, leather, weatherproof clothing, vinyl, foil, laminates and other thin sheet materials.  This  property  is  essential  in  determining  if  a  material  is moisture proof or has the ability to protect contents from the transmission of water vapor.

Depending  on  the  end  use,  water  or  a  desiccant  is  placed in  the  base  of  the  container.   The  specimen  is  then  quickly sealed  with  the  threaded  flanged  ring  between  the  two neoprene gaskets and placed in a test chamber that controls the atmosphere.  Vapor loss or gain is measured by recording the weight of the sample at different intervals over a period of time.  The cups are serialized for an easy way to keep track of the different samples.