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The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet has been specially designed and manufactured to pre-condition paper samples in an approximate 30 minute period, to the standard laboratory environment conditions by using the Laboratory air as the final conditioning process, prior to physical testing.

The programmed controller allows for two types of conditioning:

1. The 1 ½ minute cycle enables testers to quickly air sample before physical testing occurs by drawing laboratory air through the sheet for a 1 ½ minute period. This routine assists with stabilizing the paper quickly however it does not replace the full rapid conditioning method.

2. The full rapid conditioning cycle runs for a 30 minute period. At the end of this time the fully pre-conditioned paper samples can be tested.  This cycle consists of the Rapid Conditioning Cabinet drawing laboratory air through the sample, while stepping through a heating / cooling sequence, hence allowing the paper samples to stabilize to 23°C, 50 RH.