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The FD-21 is a semi-automatic laboratory SQUARE sheet former used for the production of standard laboratory hand sheets for physical and optical testing, with full respect to modern performance and ergonomic requirements.

The square sheet is formed from a pulp suspension on a standard wire screen gauze under suction generated by the flow of the water column.

* Paper * Pulp
* Plexiglass square container with adjustable sensor for water level filling and air bubbling for homogenization of pulp suspension. * Plexiglass dosing unit with sensor for adjusting dosing volume (10ml to 1000ml) * Plexiglass reservior with 50L capacity with integrated recirculation and air bubbling for perfect homogenization of prepared pulp suspension. * Built-in PLC and integrated control panel * Stainless steel #100/in (#150/in optional) standard wire screen for sheet forming * All parts in contact with water and pulp are made of corrosion resistant materials * Includes couching weight * Power supply: 220VAC, single phase, 60Hz, 750W * Air connection: 6 bar / 1.0m3/h * Dimensions: W1300 x L500 x 1800mm * Weight: 150kg