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CT 2
  • The innovative Color Touch 2 spectrophotometer is the fastest, most productive and accurate way to measure the optical properties of pulp and paper. It provides a wide range of measurements - including Brightness, Color, Color Difference, Flourescence, Opacity, Whitness, Tint and now Effective Residual Ink Concentration (ERIC) - simply, accurately and with amazing speed. The Color Touch has been designed by Technidyne, the leading manufacturer of optical properties measuring instrumentation for the pulp and paper industry. The Color Touch 2 conforms precisely to ISO optical standards.
  • Color Touch, the first touch screen spectrophotometer designed specifically for the pulp and paper industry, now offers optical ERIC 950 capability, a great advantage when working with recycled materials.
  • Optical Properties: Color Touch 2 provides complete information for evaluating optical properties of pulp and paper. Detailed and advanced data on each of the following are available in a variety of formats and display options. * ISO Brightness * ISO Color and Color Difference, including Whitness, Tint, Yellowness and Metamerism * ISO Fluorescence * ISO Opacity, Scattering and Absorption * TAPPI Effective Residual Ink Concentration (ERIC)