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The Universal Testing Machine has been specially designed and manufactured to perform tests in both compression and tensile, without having to change the attachments. 

The universal measurement of firmness and hardness is based on a physical property called the indentation force deflection (IFD).  It is calculated by determining the force required to deflect a test piece a percentage of its original thickness using a circular indentor, which applies a force, while also recording the degree of indentation. 

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd has designed their Universal Testing Machine with fixed dual testing capabilities comprising of compression testing on the inner and tensile testing on the outer frame.  By incorporating the dual testing space design, this eliminates the need of having two machines required for testing.  The same machine is used for compression and tensile testing.

The twin column bench-mounted Universal Testing Machine has a strong and durable frame to withstand years of use.  It offers excellent accuracy and ease of use, operating on the IDM Instruments Pty Ltd software program.  The Universal Machine can also be custom made to accommodate a wider testing space, while leaving no restrictions on the sample length that can be tested.