Advanced Digital Controllers for Test Stands

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Advanced Digital Controllers for Test Stands
DC Series

Series DC advanced digital controllers are designed to expand the functionality and programmability of our range of motorized test stands, including models ESMH, TSFM500/TSFM500H, and TSTM/TSTMH. These controllers are available with new test stands or may be used with any existing Mark-10 motorized test stands. Simply unplug the old controller, and plug in the Series DC controller.

These highly sophisticated controllers offer PC control capability, extended speed ranges, programmable cycling, auto return, overload protection, and more. Specifications vary between Series DC advanced motorized test stands. Refer to the respective data sheets for detailed information.  

• Computer Control • Digital Angle Indication • Programmable Angle Limits • Overload Protection • Auto-Return • Cycling / Dwell-Time • Programmable Button Functions • Independent Up / CW and Down / CCW Speeds • Selectable Speed Units of Measurement • Password Protection