Colour Proofing Kit

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Quick Peek®

A  QuickPeek®  consists  of  a  compact  kit  housed in  a  sturdy  wooden  case.  (Note:  Roller  Assembly sold separately) It can quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will appear on a printed copy from the press.

The  kit  consists  of  a  smooth  fl at  plate,  a  steel measuring bar and plunger for obtaining an accurate predetermined  volume  of  ink,  a  steel  spatula  for filling the measuring bar and pipe cleaners for cleaning the holes in the measuring bar.

The  roller  assembly (sold separately) consists  of  a  nitrile  pvc  blend roller  that  will  work  with conventional,  hybrid,  and UV  inks.  The  roller  is  used  to distribute  the  ink  on  the  plate and make a proof.