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Inkometer 1100

The  Inkometer  1100  measures  the  apparent tack  of  printing  ink  under  conditions  closely approximating  the  dynamic  conditions  of  the ink-distribution  system  of  a  printing  press. The  testing  instrument  provides  the  highest accuracy  and  efficiency  for  research  and development,  quality  control  and  process evaluation to verify, test and improve quality.

The instrument measures the integrated forces involved  in  ink  fi lm  splitting  and  the  effects  of roller  speed,  film  thickness,  temperature  and solvent evaporation.

The  Inkometer  1100  multi-line  display  shows  the temperature, tack, roller speed and test time. Tack readings  can  be  exported  to  the  RS-232  port,  the integrated printer or to a USB flash drive. Statistical reports can be viewed directly from the display. The Inkometer  provides four  test  methods based  on  ASTM D-4361  as  well  as fi ve user confi gurable methods  that  are stored in non-volatile memory.

* Ink * Printing * Graphic Arts
* ASTM D-4361
* Reliable data about ink tack * Digital keypad with simplified setup menus * 4 Preset methods based on ASTM D-4361 * Create and save 5 custom test methods * Store up to 180 tack readings * Preset & programmable speed options * Built-in printer for instant results * Portable data via USB port * Calibration weights included * Emergency stop button