Fabric Vertical Burn Tester - Type A

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The Fabric Vertical Burn Tester measures the surface burning time of textile fabrics which have raised fibre surfaces i.e.: a napped, pile, tufted, flocked or similar surface.  A textile specimen is held vertically in a frame, and its raised surface is ignited near the top.  The spread of the flame downwards on the surface of the fabric to a specified point is timed. 


The Gas Burner is designed to allow several different positioning, dependent on the angle of test required.  Face test, Bottom-edge ignition, horizontal stand-by position, horizontal reach adjustment, and vertical stand-by flame height can all be achieved on the Fabric Vertical Burn Tester.  Test specimens are cut to size with dimensions 150mm x 75mm.

Timing devices are used with the Fabric Vertical Burn Tester to control and measure the flame application time, the after-flame time and/or the afterglow time.  They are started automatically, and can be pressed manually as required.