Fabric Vertical Burn Tester - Type B

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This apparatus measures the flame spread properties of vertically oriented textile fabrics intended for apparel, curtains and draperies in the form of a single or multi component fabrics.  A textile is held vertically in a frame.  A small flame is used to ignite the specimen and the time is measured for the flame to spread up the specimen.


The instrument operates by applying a defined ignition flame from a specified burner, for a defined period of time, to textile specimens which are vertically oriented.  The flame spread time is the time in seconds for a flame to travel between marker threads located at defined distances.

The Gas Burner is designed to allow several different positioning, dependent on the angle of test required.  Surface ignition and Edge ignition can be achieved on the Fabric Vertical Burn Tester.  Test specimens are cut to size with dimensions 560mm x 170mm. 


Timing devices are used with the Fabric Vertical Burn Tester to control and measure the flame application time, the after-flame time and/or the afterglow time.  They are started automatically, and can be pressed manually as required.


• Coated textiles • Quilted textiles • Multi layered textiles • Sandwiched textiles
• AS 2755.2
• Adjustable flame • Easy fixing mechanisms • Specimen Mounting Frame: 560mm x 150mm • Gas Burner • Gas Timer • Timing Devices • LPG: Commercial Grade Propane, Butane or Butane/Propane mixtures • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ • Dimensions: 600mm x 700mm x 540mm • Weight: 45kg OPTIONS: • Stainless Steel Draft Enclosure • Brushing Device