Fabric Vertical Burn Tester - Type D

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The Fabric Vertical Burn Tester measures the limited flame spread properties of vertically oriented textile fabrics and industrial products in the form of a single or multi component fabrics, when subjected to a small defined flame.  A textile is held vertically in a frame.  A small flame is used to ignite the specimen and the time is measured for the flame to spread up the specimen, as well as after-flame time and afterglow time.  This method is not appropriate for materials that demonstrate extensive melting or shrinkage.

The instrument operates by applying a defined flame for 10 seconds to the surface or the bottom of the test specimen.  Results are then recorded on the after-flame time, afterglow time, formation of debris, flaming debris or a hole in the test specimen. 

The Gas Burner is designed to allow several different positioning, dependent on the angle of test required.  Face test, Bottom-edge ignition, horizontal stand-by position, horizontal reach adjustment, and vertical stand-by flame height can all be achieved on the Fabric Vertical Burn Tester.  Test specimens are cut to size with dimensions 200 ± 2mm x 160 ± 2mm.