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SAE J2655 Vapometer

The  standard  Vapometer  is  used  for  determining  the water  vapor  permeability  of  sheet  materials  such  as specialty paper grades, polyethylene, building material, leather, weatherproof clothing, vinyl, foil and laminates. This  property  is  essential  in  determining  if  a  material is  moisture  proof  or  has  the  ability  to  protect  contents from the transmission of water vapor.

The  Water  Vapor  Permeability  Cups  are  available  in  a wide  range  of  sizes  for  mechanical  and  wax  sealing.   They  can  be  used  at  any  temperature  or  relative humidity to ensure product performance across different conditions.

Test  Procedure  to  Measure  the  Fuel  Permeability  of Materials by the Cup Weight Loss Method. The standard covers  the  procedure  for  measuring  the  permeation of  fuel  or  fuel  surrogates  through  test  samples  of elastomeric, plastic or composite materials, up to 3mm thick.

Standard permeation test temperatures are 40° C and 60° C. Standard test fluids are Fuel C, Fuel CE10, and Fuel CM15.

* Building materials * Foil * Laminates * Leather * Paper * Polyethylene * Sheet materials * Vinyl * Weatherproof Textiles
The Model 68-3014 Vapometer Cup for SAE J2655 includes the following: * 1 EZ Cup Vapometer Model 68-3000 with 2.5” Inside Diameter X 2” Deep * 1 gasket 3” Outside Diameter, 2.5” Inside Diameter x .031” Thick * 1 gasket 3” Outside Diameter, 2.5” Inside Diameter x .062” Thick * 1 Wire Mesh Screen * 1 Teflon Top Ring