Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine - 200 Tonne

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The 200 Tonne Tensile machine has been specially developed for tensile testing of long materials. It is designed to ascertain the tensile strength of such materials to a load capable of 200 Tonne.  A hydraulic cylinder and a servo system work together to apply a precise motion and force. 

Tensile: The tensile load is produced by a hydraulic cylinder with a stroke of 2000mmhorizontally and a variable speed of 0-150mm/min.

Construction: The construction of the tensile machine frame is broken down into 6 easilyconnectable steel sections, one of which contains the 400mm round hydraulic cylinder.  The power pack, hydraulic controls and computer hardware are in stand alone cabinets,connected to the main frame by hoses and cables. The assembled unit guarantees towithstand many years of use.

Crosshead Assembly: The crosshead rolling assembly is a solid rolling construction,which is connected to the cylinder rod via a screw on coupling. Positioned at the oppositeend of the frame to the crosshead is the anchor box, which can be positioned at any pointalong the machine to accommodate the test sample.

Control Unit: The tensile machine is controlled by a computer which is running the IDMTensile Testing Program. A simple selection of the available functions and control valuesby the operator allows the 200 Tonne Chain Testing Program to run and display a test onscreen to the operators’ requirement within the limits of the program.