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Model  1314  Internal  Bond  Tester,  utilizes  the  Scott method to produce a high speed Z-direction rupture of  paper  and  paperboard.  It  is  a  dynamic  test  that measures  and  defines  strength  in  terms  of  energy absorption.

Ideal  for  monitoring  the  effects  of  dry  strength additives  and  to  evaluate  stock  preparation  and refining.  In  addition  to  correlations with  customer  complaints,  in-mill  processing trouble-spots  are  of  growing  interest.  Examples  of dry-end analysis are monitoring Z-direction strength deterioration  due  to  calendering  or  the  application of  relatively  brittle  coatings.  The  increasing  use  of recycled  fiber  and  dry  strength  additives  in  both paper  and  board  open  even  more  applications  and create  economic  value  for  the  test  today.  At  the product research and development level, sequential photographs  of  the  ruptures  can  further  enhance analysis and understanding.