Laboratory Heat Sealer

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A professional Laboratory Heat Sealer to help determine the sealing parameters of film, laminated films, coated paper and other flexible barrier materials.

The IDM lab Heat Sealer is used to measure the heatsealability of the web surface or sealant layer of materials. Short dwell time web sealability can also be performed on the LHS. This is a test seal that is made at a dwell time shorter than required for the sealing surface to reach the jaw temperature level, simulating conditions on high-speed vertical form-fill machines or slower machines where the condition of non-equilibrium also exists.

Criteria of judging heatsealability is the strength of the actual heat seal. Parameters include heat seal temperature, dwell time and the pressure of the heat seal for materials that have different melting points, heat stability, fluidness and thickness; All of which could vary the heat seal properties.

Sealing is initiated by a foot switch, a pneumatic cylinder is used to lower the Upper Sealing Bar to seal. The timer is then used to determine the length of time the Sealing Bars will be in contact with the sample at the set sealing pressure. Producing repeatable and reliable test samples.