Micro-Control Tearing Strength Tester

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The Micro-Control Tearing Strength Tester is designed according to Elemendorf Method, ISO 1974 Paper Tearing  Strength Test Method),  ASTM D689-03 Standard Test Method for  Internal Tearing Resistance of Paper GB455.1 and ISO6383/2-1983.

It is designed for paper tearing strength tests as well as cardboard low-tearing strength test. This is an automatic unit which displays data via LCD screen.

The  micro-control system adapts to the high precision photoelectric axial coder and micro-control digital  circuit  supplies accurate test results.

• Paper
• ASTM D689-03 • GB455 • ISO 1974 • ISO 6383/2
• Measuring Range: 10 - 1000mN • Tearing Arm: 104±1mm • Beginning angle for tearing: 27.50±0.5 • Value accuracy: 1 grade • Dimensions: 420×300×465 mm • Weight: 20kg
• Easy to use • Fast measurement speed • Accurate