Mooney Viscometer

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Providing frequency conversion type Mooney Viscometer to test the viscosity of particular rubber .

The unit auto-zeros before each test, auto-calibrates viscosity and does not exceed 2 min and 50 sec when heating from ambient to 100ºC ± 0.3ºC.  During testing the die chamber temperature will be redeemed to the tolerance of ± 0.3ºC within one minute from die closure.

Statistical Process Control Software (SPC):

  1. Data storage: ML and MF, or any other two Mooney values
  2. Scorch time at T5 and T35 and T18, or at any other scorch time or relaxation time and its values
  3. Provides statistical analysis of the above stored data by X-Rm chart, X-R chart, Normal

Accessories included:

  • 1 x Large rotor
  • 1 x Small rotor
  • 2 x die cutter
  • 2 x 2kg Calibrator
  • 1 x Copper bar
  • 1 x Copper brush
  • 5 x Fuses
  • 10 x Rubber seals
  • 2 x Calibration certificates
  • 1 x Operation manual