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The Pail Measuring Instrument is manufactured with two recesses, one for 10 to 20 litre pails on the left-side, and 1 to 10 litre pails on the right side.

The pail is placed in the measuring recess of the unit, the operator can switch a toggle switch to activate measuring on either one of the measuring recesses.

The measuring band contracts via a pneumatic cylinder to a pre-determined pressure, set on the regulator.  The instrument will display the measurement in mm once the cylinder has stopped moving.  Where the operator can take the measurement there are two indicators, A and B, for each range of pail sizes.


To release the pail it is a simple matter of switching the toggle switch in the opposite direction and the band will return to its original position


• Plastic pail lid • Plastic pails
• 1 - 10 @ 280mm dia max • 10 - 20 @ 330mm dia max • Accuracy:- 0.10 mm • Repeatability:- 0.30 mm • Readability:- 0.1 mm • Measuring type:- Spring Steel Band • Adjustable Air Pressure • Peak Reading Display • 2 x Check Rings • 2 x Weights • Air Supply: 80psi • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ • Dimensions: 800mm x 750mm x 500mm • Weight: 60kg