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Heavy Duty ProTear

The  Heavy  Duty  Elmendorf  ProTear  quickly  and accurately  measures  the  tearing  strength  of  heavy weight  materials  including  paper,  nonwovens, plastics, and textiles. A high capacity instrument, the Heavy Duty Elmendorf is equipped with augmenting weights to increase capacity to 25,600 grams-force.

Advanced  electronics  enhance  the  functionality of  the  unit  by  providing  complete  test  control  and direct digital readout of results. Pneumatic clamping and  a  digital  encoder  which  monitors  pendulum movement  ensures  repeatable,  precise  test results.  Quickly  enter  sample  data,  configure  test parameters,  results  and  reports,  obtain  results  as percent of scale, tear index, grams, mN or pounds, and  receive  instant  analysis  with  an  easy-to-read display and one-touch software.

An optional data acquisition software program installs quickly  and  is  easily  configured  with  user-friendly drop-down menus. It provides the ability to capture serial  data,  customize  it  for  specific  requirements and  then  transfer  it  to  other  applications  such  as Excel™  and  Access™.    Use  the  capabilities  of these applications to create graphs and reports that automatically update with real-time data.