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The SR-P is used for the determination of drainability of pulp suspension in water.

Drainability is the measurable index of the refining degree of pulps.

Refining of pulps is one of the most important stages in the paper production process and influences the sheet forming and its physical properties strongly.

This unit is applicable to all kids of pulp in aqueous suspension.

The SR-P also features an iron-cast base, large precision circular level, levelling feet, stainless steel structure, chrome plated bronze drainage chamber, funnel, spreader cone, sealing cone, plexiglass safeguard, handle for drainage chamber, ISO standard pneumatic components, hook, spanner and fixing base for comfortable exchange of phosphor bronze wire screen.

* Speed of the sealing cone 100 ± 10 mm/s * Calibrated bottom orifice 149.0 ± 1.0 s for 1L of H2O * Drainage chamber volume 1000mL * Drainage area 100cm2 * Pneumatic drive 2.0kgF/cm2 * Measuring scales 0 to 100ºSR * Resolution 1ºSR
* ISO 5267/1
* Optional accessories GS2000UV - Filter for water 5L/min (ISO 14487) * Dimensions 330 x 470 1440 * Weight 25kg * Air supply 2kgF/cm2