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The Smoothness Meter is designed to measure paper and cardboard smoothness in accordance with Bekk method ISO5627-1995.

It applies to measure smoothness of sample sheets less than 0.5mm or with freer air permeability.

The unit has a high accuracy vacuum sensor and is controlled by microprocessor to vacuum the container quickly.  It has powerful data processing.  Not only can a sample result be stored, but the unit can also analyze group of specimins to show the average, maximum, minimum, standard drift and variation ratio.  All results are displayed by LCD.

• Paper • Cardboard
• ISO 5627
• Glass board: Donut Large diameter 37.4mm • Glass board: Donut Small diameter 11.3mm • Compression board: Flat circular diameter 45mm (pressure 100 Kpa) • Rubber Pad: Thickness 4mm, hardness 40IRHD • Test range: 1-9999s (three stalls: 1-15s, 15-300s, 300-9999s) • Electrical: AC220V, 50HZ, 1A
• Easy to use • Fast measurement speed • Accurate