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Spencer Impact Attachment

The Spencer Impact Attachment was developed for use  with  Thwing-Albert’s  Elmendorf  Tear  Tester.  It provides  a  convenient  method  for  determining  the impact  resistance  of  plastic  films  and  packaging materials under conditions that closely approximate the  strain  rates  that  the  material  is  subject  to  in end-use  applications.  Extremely  consistent,  the Spencer Impact Attachment provides one of the most repeatable methods of testing impact resistance of plastic  film.  The  air-operated  clamping  assembly automates  the  clamping  mechanism  to  ensure  an even higher level of accuracy.  

The Spencer Impact Attachment is a modification to the standard ProTear Elmendorf Tearing Tester and consists of a curved metal arm that is permanently attached  to  the  pendulum  and  is  fitted  on  the end  with  an  interchangeable  impact  head  that  is available  in  various  shapes  and  sizes.  This  allows different  materials  and  tests  to  be  performed  with one machine. An O-ring Sample Clamp is mounted at the top of the clamp upright. The pendulum swings the  impact  head  through  the  clamped  specimen with  sufficient  force  to  puncture  the  sample,  and the energy used is recorded.