Technidyne Color Touch X

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  • The ColorTouchX TM brings together a powerful set of tools to meet the demands of the brightness, color, fluorescence and ERIC950 markets. In addition to these traditional applications, the expanded wavelength range of the ColorTouchX TM provides a higher level of accuracy and capabilities. No other instrument in the market today can match the ColorTouchX TM for capabilities, functionality and quality.
  • Touchscreen Operation
    • Point & Touch and the ColorTouchX TM does the rest
      Preprogrammed test routines
      Does not require an external PC
      Automatic Calibration
      Swing-in Calibration Standard
  • Advanced Data Analysis
    • Trending Data allows for tracking grades over several samples
    • Compare multiple samples on color space plots
    • Establish optical tolerances on grades for PASS/FAIL analysis
  • Spectral Data Capabilities
    • Spectrophotometric data for comprehensive
    • Understanding of dyes, fillers, and other colorants
    • Greater accuracy of colorimetric data