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The  QC-3A  upholds  the  standards  of  the  QC  line while adding the functionality of a RS-232 interface, a digital load controller and enhanced software.

Ideal for tensile, compression, coefficient of friction and  peel  analysis,  the  QC-3A  is  an  extremely flexible,  cost-effective  testing  system.  The  single- screw  frame  provides  up  to  1100  lbs  (5kN/500 kg)  tensile  force  with  extremely  accurate  control throughout  the  entire  load  range.  The  digital  load controller ensures extremely accurate, reliable test data.

The software maintains the functionality of previous versions with several enhancements. The software allows  you  to  set  distance  and  load  traps  when testing in the tensile or compression modes.  Other advantages include the ability to pre-load a sample and  set  dual  speeds:  one  for  pre-test  and  one  for test.

This unit will accomplish a wide range of tests when fitted with optioinal grips and fixtures.  Specialized fixtures permit tensile, compression, flexural rigidity, peel, friction and other tests.


* Foam * Foils * Paper * Plastics * Textiles
* A wide range of precision load cells are available for compression and tensile testing needs. Capacities include: 0 - 2000 gm to 0 - 500 kg * Drive mechanism: single machine screw * Crosshead travel: 254, 457.2mm excluding fixtures * Horizontal clearance: 34cm * Safety features: emergency stop button, upper and lower limit switchs with over-travel protection and load cell overload protection\ * Display: 2 line x 40 character vacuum fluorescent digital display * 5kN / 500kg Load measurement: load cells interchangeable from 1000g to 500kg * Outputs - chart recorder: 0-100 millivolts full scale, RS232 serial port, parallel printer port * Electrical: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 220/230 VAC, 50 Hz or 240 VAC, 50 Hz