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Vantage NX Series

The Vantage VX is a revamped design for the EJA Vantage Family of universal testing machines. The sleek style will keep your lab looking sharp and allow for dynamic testing to meet most industry standards. Efficient placement of internal electronics improves ergonomics while maintaining a small footprint. The new Vantage NX is available in capacities of 1kN and 2kN, and will replace the previous frame for those capacties. 

Thwing-Albert offers a wide range of grips, fixtures and accessories to outfit your universal materials tensile tester. These options enable the Vantage NX to meet many industry standards including ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, DIN and others.


* Adhesives * Paper * Nonwovens & Textiles * Film / Plastics * Rubber * Packaging Materials * Biomaterials
* Ergonomic Frame * Small Footprint 16" x 17" * 1kN & 2kN capacities *24-48" Travel * Automatic Electronic Calibration * One-Touch Auto Zero * Electronic Air Switches * Serial Load Cell Interface * Powered by your choice: MAP-4 Windows Based Software with Adjustable Keypad (or) Touch Screen Tablet for Simplified Test Control * Full Line of Grips and Fixtures Available
* Measure Tensile, Peel, Compression, COF, Cycling, Tear, Burst, ZDT, Flex/Bend, Stress Relaxation and more